Twitter for business and Reeds Law

Not so long ago there was a raging debate as to why Mike Dillard the ‘guru’ of attraction marketing stopped following 10,000 people on Twitter.twitter-logo

Let me first explain that Twitter, like all social media networks, has its own form of etiquette, the golden rule of which is if someone follows you, you follow them back. This creates a two-way relationship and you end up with a channel of people to ‘twitter’ to.

The normal thing to do is to join and find some people to follow with like-minded interests and develop a following. Why? Well as a network or direct sales marketer, your work is really is quite simple. The power of leverage. There is a scientific basis for this and it’s called Reeds Law and all social media networks operate on Reeds Law.

Reeds Law which is also known as the ‘Law of the Pack’ works as follows. Assume a group of 100 people is on Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks. These 100 people cannot only talk between themselves, but they talk across communities this means there are 2 to the power 90 interconnections!. If that is not a reason to get into ‘gateway drug’ for social media the rest of this post is not for you.

The reasons it appears that Mike Dillard gave for dropping 10,000 people he was following was that he did not have a genuine relationship with them, Now I for one find that odd. People were attracted to follow Mike to hear what he had to say and also to be honest to use the list of people who were following him as a source of people to follow themselves.

The debate quickly split into two camps. One side – me in this one. Watch the film The Secret read the list of works recommended by Chris Widener and Jim Rohn (whom Mike works closely with) in their book the ‘12 Pillars of Wisdom’ and you will see most of the people mentioned in The Secret are in their recommended reading list.

Mike’s Magnetic Sponsoring is a retelling of the Law of Attraction as it relates to online marketing. It’s worth noting the Law of Attraction works both ways and I wait to see if there is a negative impact. It’s worth noting none of the other ‘gurus’ have taken such a step. I think the reason for this is obvious they know the power of Twitter.

Ferny Ceballos who supports Mike’s actions does so from an interesting position. Basically, he fell under Mike’s patronage and because Mike took an interest in what he was working on feels fine that Mike’s still following him. I don’t think Ferny can really be classed as representative of Mike’s ordinary followers or community as you might call them. He’s got where he has by hard work been talent spotted and picked up and more power to him. But if that were the criteria for deciding your Followers list then why does Mike Klingler have 40,000?

Mike Klingler realizes what Ferny doesn’t it takes nothing to follow someone back because the whole process can be automated by a tool like Tweet Later. Some people argue this destroys the point of Twitter, that you should know the people personally. Well for the ordinary person using Twitter this is true. But Twitter is also a marketing tool.

It’s like email. You email your friends personally and have a contact list, but are happy to automate the whole process for leads with pre-written emails and auto-responders, Twitter is no different what Mike Klingler has built up is a list of prospects 40,000 strong he can microblog to about any product releases etc.

But is Twitter for the small home business entrepreneurs alone? Dell did $500,000 worth of business through Twitter (source Dave Evans). IBM, Belkin, MSWindows, MSSharePoint, and AppleNews (14,000 followers). all have a presence on Twitter so they can spot trends with comments about their products.

They have realized they need to be in the social media pool listening and conversing with consumers and not talking at them as traditional forms of advertising do. It’s the same reason we trust the left-hand side of Google over the Google Ads. Social Media enables you to dominate this side without spending a penny. I currently hold positions 4, 6 and 8 for the term ‘home business opportunity’ in my City.

I did it without paying a penny and simply posted 12 less than 50-second videos on YouTube and did a series of five articles.

So how to apply Twitter to your social media plan? Well, this is actually the easy bit and uses a concept Jessica Swanson The Shoestring Marketer calls recycling and makes the most effective use of your time.