Picture Tells A Thousand Words

365_logoI find myself struggling to write on this blog anymore. My love of reading and writing, journal style at least, has been overtaken by a passion for photos instead. Which is why you’ll find a lot more action going on over at my Flickr account.

I’ve started to do Project 365 again because I’ve been taking photos most days anyway so I figured I should make an entire project out of it to ensure that I’m uploading at least one photo a day.

I did do this previously, starting on December 25th, 2015 but I gave up sometime in May due to being snowed under with work and life. I’m determined to see this one, though I don’t give up on things very easily!

Through the 365, I plan on doing different mini challenges. At the moment I am tracking my money growth (using an online calculator and expenses tracking) and I’m doing The Musical ABCs, which is 26 photos, each one for a different artist in alphabetical order. I’m having tons of fun doing this challenge, it gets to show me through photos and my crazy taste in music.

I’ve always been a massive music fan and like everything from pop to indie to hard rock to urban. I guess the advantage of that is that I’ll be left with a collection of 26 very different photos by the time I’ve finished this “set”.

If you have a Flickr account, feel free to add me as a contact. I love viewing other people’s photos, especially if they’re doing a 365 too.


Are you a security freak when it comes to your life on your computer and online? Do you fancy yourself a bit of a computer forensics expert? If you’re looking to do a university online, Lewis University has the course just for you, their online Masters of Science in Information Security course.

The Lewis University Master of Science degree in Information Security with a Technical Concentration examines how information systems can be made more secure. The curriculum covers processing systems, secure operating systems, applications, network security, cryptography, security protocols, and other issues that confront those charged with securing information networks.

I’ve checked out the course contents and it looks right up my street! I wanted to do a similar course at university a few years ago but never did make it there to do so, life seemed to get in the way. The computer forensics part of the course really interests me, but that’s possibly due to my obsession with the three CSI shows that I watch.

The course covers lots of different aspects of advanced computing, including Wireless security, Securing Windows and Linux as well as IT Governance and Compliance. If you’re looking for a career in computing, especially as Info Systems manager or IT Security Consultant then this course should be the one for you!

Doing all that I realized that I missed my best friend, who is also my cousin. My soul mate. We are different in a lot of ways, but none that matter. We share the same insecurities and struggles, we know exactly what the other is thinking, we complete each other’s sentences, and we share the same memories. We know why the word, “hunkered,” is the funniest word in the English language.

We know that it is possible and so easy to laugh so hard that it hurts and makes breathing impossible. We know that it’s important to put enough distance between two people when walking downstairs so that their heads won’t knock together.

We know that the best gift in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is two turtle doves. We know that two girls traveling in the back seat of a car leave behind a lot of stray hairs. We know that bodysuits are the most sentimental and grown-up articles of clothing. We know that it is ridiculous to think a man’s arms are sexy.

We know that people who actually go to school every single day in their senior year of high school are chumps. We know that it is an excellent idea to ride around in a van full of boys you barely know. We know you should never say in front of a little brother what you don’t want to be broadcasted to a visiting friend.

We also know that sometimes we will get on each other’s nerves and say or do something incredibly insensitive but that it doesn’t matter because we will always forgive each other. Together, we know everything. We are kindred spirits, bosom friends, partners in crime, two of a kind.