Before embarking on your next media affiliate service

Before embarking on your next media affiliate service, find out how can boost your affiliate network potential. images-11

Many online marketers in affiliate paying programs are well aware of an opportunity called cost-per-click, which is “the cost or cost-equivalent paid per click-through” as defined by It may sound really wonderful to only have to pay for the ads that are clicked on, instead of forking over a flat rate for promotion that could lead to no interaction with your ads at all.

But let’s take a step back and let that initial excitement of countless advertisement banner clicks fade away – back to reality. The next question to ask is, how many of those newfound clicks actually translated into sales? That is the bottom line… isn’t it? Welcome to the breaking point where a CPC (cost-per-click) ends, and the benefit of a CPA network (Cost Per Action network) begins.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine“Paying for ads based on CPA means that you don’t pay the publisher until you get the action you want from the ad. For example, if you want your online display ad to drive someone to an online store to buy the advertised product, you won’t have to pay until someone actually clicks the ad and completes the purchase.”

For those of us with a functioning brain, utilizing a CPA network sounds like a complete no-brainer. But getting to the point of becoming an affiliate marketer that is actually earning a significant income from a CPA network will take some expert advice. This is where will become your trusted companion towards profit.

The relaunch of offers many exceptional resources for the affiliate network entrepreneur who is serious about success. has taken out the time to sort through the endless list of CPA networks to provide a growing compilation of many of the established affiliate programs that are available.

You will find constant thorough interviews that will allow numerous CPA network companies the opportunity to share their wealth of experience and answer many of the questions that may have been already spinning around in your head.
But with, the reviews do not just come from the companies themselves – they stem from affiliates that have utilized their services as well. You will find a rating system that allows members to vote on a CPA network in these following categories: “Payout”, “Offers”, “Support” and “Reporting.” There will also be an “Overall Rating” that is tabulated as well. The top rated CPA networks on the site will be listed so they can be viewed quickly at a glance.

To top it off, will also be your personal resource to the CPA network industry as a whole. This constantly evolving business world will be evaluated and reinterpreted for you via articles, news briefs and blog posts.

Why waste time on a useless affiliate web page that is just a comic strip full of banner ads? Let us all experience and learn about this lucrative industry together – on