About Hinet


Hinet is happy:-)

I started my own businesses about 20 years ago. My wife and I did our first fix and flip real estate property then and made close to $30,000! Since then I have gone on to start a few other businesses, and have developed an insatiable appetite for reading and learning all things business!

My Dilemma:

In tandem with this growing knowledge and passion for business was a desire to spend my life helping people. My first international trip was at 15 years old with a church group: staying and working at in an orphanage in a small Russia town. This trip forever changed my life. From there I have gone on numerous other trips of this sort.

Through these experiences I realized I wanted to spend my life helping people, especially people in unjust situations. Perspective changes when you look poverty in the face with your own eyes. I was not sure how to balance these two growing, seemingly contradictory, passions: business and charity.

The Solution:

Then a few years ago, I came across the concept of social business. All of a sudden it all clicked, I thought, “This is it, this is what I want to spend my life doing.” Combining all of my business experience and knowledge with my biggest life passion to make a difference. This led me to start my own social enterprise, Ethic Travel. An online vacation rental company with a social mission: helping build homes for families in need with every booking .

Why This Blog?

So, why this blog? No, I am not a millionaire. No, my business isn’t near as successful as I want it to be, nor as it will be. So why take time to focus on this site? It is simple, I want to take you on this journey in social entrepreneurship with me. It’s joys, failures, successes, challenges and everything in-between.

All with the hope that through my experience you will catch a passion for social business, and may be able to learn, and more so, avoid some of the mistakes that I have, and will, make! If even one person reading this is impacted and led to social entrepreneurship, it will be worth the effort.

My Family:
We traveled together my first trip to Russia and she has moved with me all over the globe; we have lived in USA, UK, and Australia! Additionally, we have an absolutely amazing four year old boy. Which is the other reason we are entrepreneurs. We want the flexibility and freedom to work from home with him, and we hope we can help you reach this point too!