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Picture Tells A Thousand Words

365_logoI find myself struggling to write on this blog anymore. My love of reading and writing, journal style at least, has been overtaken by a passion of photos instead. Which is why you’ll find a lot more action going on over at my Flickr account.

I’ve started to do Project 365 again because I’ve been taking photos most days anyway so I figured I should make an entire project out of it to ensure that I’m uploading at least one photo a day.

I did do this previously, starting on December 25th, 2015 but I gave up sometime in May due to being snowed under with work and life. I’m determined to see this one through, I don’t give up on things very easily!

Through the 365, I plan on doing different mini challenges. At the moment I am tracking …


Directing Visitor Focus

writersIt’s good to get back to basics. We forget them a lot of the time. Often times it’s what costs us the most online. We like “pretty” websites. We have visions for our companies and we want our websites to reflect that. But there can be a huge difference between pretty sites and effective sites.


It’s easy to forget that we can only ask a visitor to do one thing at a time. So what is most important to you? What will you direct their focus to? What is the most important action they could take? Are opt-ins most important? Are purchases most important? Are new client leads most important?


It’s common these days to hear sales pages tout “ugly” websites that make gobs of money. I don’t doubt that these stories …


Sugata Mitra and Self-teaching and GED Prep

online_test_64-1Some educational experiments prove that there must be a change in how we are being educated. In Sugata Mitra´s experiment, for instance, the biggest hit is self-teaching in groups. The same principle is used by the “My career tools” (MCT) online course for preparing adults for the GED test. Students are gathered in groups and communicate with each other online via facebook groups and commenting system, this cooperative learning technique reduces anxiety among adults going back to school, promotes better learning, improves student motivation, and increases enjoyment of the learning experience thanks to short practice tests and video lessons, says Kate Johnson from MCT.

Sugata Mitra, a  professor of educational technology,  has made an awesomely interesting experiment in self-teaching. Some computers with internet connection were put in public places at the level of children (embedded to walls in a slum …


Don’t Squander It! Put your Tax Refund check to Work!


Ways To Wisely Use This Years Income Tax Refund

Since we are in the midst of tax season, many people are probably making plans on what they are going to do with the money that they will be receiving back from the government.

Some people are probably planning on going on a trip, a shopping spree, or buying a new car while others are planning on paying it down on some debt or invest in a safe market. However, studies have shown that most consumers, even when given the opportunity to pay off personal debt, do not.

So, here are a few options for using your tax refund:…


Before embarking on your next media affiliate service

Before embarking on your next media affiliate service, find out how can boost your affiliate network potential. images-11

Many online marketers in affiliate paying programs are well aware of an opportunity called cost-per-click, which is “the cost or cost-equivalent paid per click-through” as defined by It may sound really wonderful to only have to pay for the ads that are clicked on, instead of forking over a flat rate for promotion that could lead to no interaction with your ads at all.

But let’s take a step back and let that initial excitement of countless advertisement banner clicks fade away – back to reality. The next question to ask is, how many of those newfound clicks actually translated into sales? That is the bottom line… isn’t it? Welcome to the breaking point where a CPC (cost-per-click) ends, and …


Winning the Consuming vs Creating Battle

“Our mantra: brutal prioritization, maniacal focus.” – Jeffrey Kalmikoff 

writers-blockLast time, I talked about how there’s a battle you face every day between consuming and creating.  As letter artists, we often have trouble organizing and making the most of the time available to us.

We have to fight against temptation from the constant stream of information we have before us, and make the decision to create for ourselves. The Resistance rears it’s ugly head and you’re locked in a fight that determines the rest of your day.  Here’s how I win.


I have a daily action list for every day of the week. In this way I can keep track of my hourly rate which is challenging when you are a freelancer. I’ve kept this list on paper, in Basecamp, in Evernote, and a text document in my …


Twitter for business and Reeds Law

Not so long ago there was a raging debate as to why Mike Dillard the ‘guru’ of attraction marketing stopped following 10,000 people on Twitter.twitter-logo

Let me first explain that Twitter, like all social media networks, has it’s own form of etiquette, the golden rule of which is if someone follows you you follow them back. This creates a two way relationship and you end up with a channel of people to ‘twitter’ to.

The normal thing to do is to join and find some people to follow with like minded interests and develop a following. Why? Well as a network or direct sales marketer marketer it really is quite simple. The power of leverage. There is a scientific basis for this and it’s called Reeds Law and all social media networks operate on Reeds Law.

Reeds Law which is …


Useful Innovation

reading-in-bed-390x285Have you ever tried to learn on the bed? Its pretty hard isn’t it? That’s because the bed and the pillow aren’t designed for reading. To do reading on the bed with comfort you will need to use a bed rest pillow. This keeps your alignment proper all the time.

The function of this type of pillow is to keep your back straight when you’re reading. This ensures that you won’t get tired easily. Another useful feature is the armrest. This simulate the feeling of sitting on a chair and reading on a desk . Read also: Finding the fish.

So the point is, they keep you comfortable and supported at the same time. This also means that you won’t slide down your pillow as you’re reading. For me, that’s a massive irritant when reading on the bed using normal …


Facebook wants you – if you can solve their puzzle

facebooklogoA Tech Company as big and as complicated as Facebook is not a surprise candidate to be among the companies admired by computer science & IT students grads or even the experienced worker. Apart from its ‘glamour’ image, the compensation package for an engineering-related post it very attractive where 70K is very common.

Top notch fresh grad from prestigious universities such as Standford or MIT are said to be paid up to 95K per year. This is a whole lot of money right, although in average, Facebook employees earn only 41K.

You know what this means? Facebook’s engineers can easily broke into the Forbes’s top 10 paying job in the U.S. after working for few years!!

With much stake to offer, the entry path is definitely not an easy one. Beside the normal hiring process, one way to be there …


The Ultimatum

read-books-480x318A couple of nights ago, my life changed forever. It was hot and it had been a long day of running errands, laundering clothes, and refereeing children. I was exhausted and he was there, as usual, to relieve the stress. It was quiet because everyone was in bed–the children, the dog, the cat, and the husband.

It was me, him, and a cup of coffee and it should’ve been perfect. It wasn’t. We’d been fighting for weeks, maybe even months. I oscillated between two states of mind where he was concerned: hatred and obsession. I didn’t know what to do. He did.

“You have to choose. It’s either them…or me.” I inhaled sharply and choked back a gasp. Surely he wasn’t serious. I looked at him incredulously, waiting for the punchline. His burning gaze told me it was not a …